Attractive, representative, and convincing at the very first glance - just like the work you produce in your office. Jowell's desking system modules comes with high level functionality. they come fully assembled, ready for individual or team use.
Desking System Series 7
Desking System Series 7
Desking System Series 7 was design to be bold and minimalist, nevertheless, the product is stable and strong with powdercoated metal leg in white colour. 
  • Different desk type is available: workstations, supervisor table, single desk and collaborative desk
  • Top tables are laminate finish with varioius color options
  • Table screen and metal modesty are provided for privacy protection. 
  • With new type of cable routing system and wire box, weak and strong electricity is separated for a safer and neater workspace
  • Complete configurations provide complete and perfect space solutions
  • Available for custom size. 

Standard Sizing Guide: 
  • Workstations : 240 x 120 x 75 ( 4 users )
  • Single desk : 140 x 70 x 75 ( 1 user )
  • Supervisor L desk: 160 x 70 x 75 / 100 x 50 x 75 ( 1 user ) 
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