Attractive, representative, and convincing at the very first glance - just like the work you produce in your office. Jowell's desking system modules comes with high level functionality. they come fully assembled, ready for individual or team use.
Training Table
DSF 802

Training table designed through free combinations, more creative spaces will be created. Be it for discussion, meeting, learning, or independent work, Training table caters to your need in a considerate manner. 

  • Top tables are laminate finish with varioius color options
  • Complete configurations provide complete and perfect space solutions
  • Movable and fixed configurations for training demand;
  • Equipped with express installation mechanism for fast and simple assembly;
  • Free combination for training space, computer lab or multipurpose rooms;
  • Available for custom size. 

Standard Sizing Guide:
  • Training table : 120 x 60 x 75 ( 1 user )
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